Thursday, February 2, 2017

Physics fun!

One egg made for a lot of fun in this house yesterday!  You should totally try this at home.  PS...I'm loving the iMovie app to combine videos.  Except that it cut Vann's head off lol.  I think I need to video sideways instead of up and down next time.  Note to self...

The kids put colorful dots on their puppies and Miss Molly thought they were hers.  She snuggled right in between them and started nosing them.  It was adorable!

A little color mixing action...the little kids looved this!  

This is hopefully going to be a sun catcher after it dries.  I think we may have used a bit too much glue though.  I'll keep ya posted on how they turn out. 

They had fun swirling the food coloring into cool designs. 

Vann got some metallic origami paper.  He's loving it!  He made a teeny tiny hand and a few pinwheels.  

The boys found Orion in the sky last night.  They love spotting constellations.  And then they got to pick out books for completing the winter reading program through the library...yay!  Except little Ash left his somewhere while we were looking for other books and we didn't realize until we got home that it was missing.  So back to the library we go only to retrace our steps and still not find his sneaky Spiderman book.  Ah well, such is life.  He decided to check out a few dinosaur books and call it even.  Love his go with the flow attitude!  

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