Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday party

We went to a birthday party for one of Vann's little friends today.  It started at 11:00am so, I loaded all the kiddos up at 10:45 and off we went.  We walked in and I swear they were all working against me.  It's a bit chilly out today and they had a jumphouse blown up so, I told the kids to take their shoes off and keep their hoodies on.  It probably took me 10 minutes to get them like their hoodies with their shoes off.  

Vann checking out his goodie bag from the party.

Sounds simple I know, but like I said before...I think they had devised a plan on the way over to make things more difficult for me!  Mia would take her hoodie off, but leave her shoes on.  So, I would put her hoodie back on and told her to take her shoes off.  Meanwhile Chayce starts out with just his shoes off, but 2 minutes later he's running around with both off.  And then someone takes their socks off so, another one does too.  This goes on and on for I'm not kidding least 10 minutes (Okay, maybe not 10, but a really long 5)!  Meanwhile Lia's still standing at the door not taking anything off.  

A really cool pencil!

Finally, I got all the kids under control and it was party time!  Jumphouse, a little bit of running around, lunch, cupcakes, presents and then it was time to go...two hours flies by when you're having fun :)  We got home and all the little kids went down for a nap and they must've worn themselves out because they all slept till after 4pm!  

And a notebook...

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