Monday, June 27, 2011

Blueberry bread

We made some blueberry bread this morning.  Another recipe from my new cookbook I like.  Not sure what I was expecting, but it tastes just like blueberry it was good.  The kids really liked it, but I think the strawberry bread we made last week was better.  

We had our last day of swimming lessons tonight.  We're missing the official last day which is on Wednesday because we're leaving after work to drive to Kansas.  So, I'll pick up the boys' report cards when we get back next week and see if they passed or not.  I'm proud of both of them...they did really well!  

I'm off to watch some of my dvr'd shows...not the Bachelorette though because it didn't tape.  It wasn't high enough on my list and another show bumped it off...aahh!  I'm a little bummed, but will just have to watch it tomorrow on my computer...what would we do without technology?!  

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  1. That blueberry bread looks really good! Don't worry, you didn't miss anything on The Bachelorette! I'm actually finding this season a real yawn-fest ;)


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