Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watermelon Patch

Today for a fun craft, the kids made a watermelon patch.  I love when they turn a 10 minute project into an hour one because they're letting their creative juices flow.  It's such a joy to watch!  

Vann gluing on the vines of his watermelon patch
Here comes the creative part...right here he's drawing Bowser from Super Mario
This is what Chayce and Molly did while the other kids were crafting
Vann and his artwork
He drew a whole Super Mario world with every character and all their special powers...too cute!

So, my little Chaycers woke up around 1am last night with a tiny bit of that horrible cough, you know the one where they sound like a seal....yea, I hate that cough.  We snuggled a bit, I gave him some tylenol and ice water, laid him back down and hoped things didn't get worse.  He woke up ok today, a little runny nose, but the cough was gone so, that's good.  Needless to say, he was a bit cranky and wanted no part of the craft so, I gave him some juice, popped in a movie and got him all snuggled up on the couch...he was a happy camper!

Vann had t-ball tonight and their colored t-shirts were finally in so, teams were formed.  Vann's on the red team which works out perfect cuz that's one of his favorite colors.  From here on out they just play games and it's so fun to watch.  And the most exciting thing was that when they were told to run out on the field and pick a spot to play...he chose first base!!  This is big for him because last year he always stood in the outfield fidgeting and never running after the ball.  I was so happy that he's finally feeling more confident and showing some interest in playing.  Now don't get me wrong...I would never push a sport or anything on him so, if t-balls not his thing that's totally fine...I just want him to find something he enjoys and has fun doing.  Anyhow, playing first base got him a lot of action out there on the field.  And the smile he had when he ran up to me after practice was priceless!  

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