Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Our Saturday started off with tumbling for Chayce.  They did forward rolls, aka somersaults, and since Chayce loves to do somersaults, he wanted to do them over and over again.  He is just such a little stinker and he doesn't always want to do what the coach wants him to...but he's 2 1/2 so, I just go with the flow and follow his lead.  I try to get him to do everything, but if he wants to lay on his belly while we're all stretching, then so be it.  As long as he's not disturbing any of the other kiddos.  

We had a birthday party Saturday afternoon.  The kids had a lot of fun!  They had a traveling mini children's museum come to the house so, there were a lot of things to keep the kids busy.  The only downfall of the party was that I gave Chayce a little lasagna to eat for dinner and he woke up this morning with horrible poops poor little Chaycers.  What stinks, besides his poo, is that he was never really that sensitive to it before.  And this is what I was afraid would happen if I eliminated lactose completely....that his little body wouldn't be able to tolerate it at all...whereas before, he had no trouble tolerating it a little, like in a casserole or something like that.  Anywho, I guess this just means we have to be super careful with everything he eats.  

Today, I did a little running around...Target (needed laundry detergent), Costco (juice boxes, Gatorade and these freeze dried fruit crisps the boys love...all things we needed for the trip we're taking in a couple of days).  Where are we going you ask??  We're headed to Derby, Kansas.  Chris is from Kansas so, we go there every year over the 4th of July to visit his family.  It's become a tradition since Vann was born.  Every year we buy a boatload of fireworks (they're legal there) and have a huge firework show...seriously it's awesome!  The first year I was nervous nelly about everything that involved fireworks, but now I'm right up there with the boys lighting them's a lot of fun!  

Chris grilled a delicious chicken for dinner tonight, along with some yummy vegetables seasoned with herbs from the garden.  And then after dinner I cut the boys' was getting a bit shaggy.  It's amazing to me how well they both sit to have their hair cut...although I do bribe encourage them to sit still with fruit snacks.  Seriously, fruit snacks are the best invention kids will do just about anything for a little baggy of fruit snacks!  

Here's a few pics of the boys playing after dinner tonight...

Chayce was getting Vann with a pillow

Upside down!

Man, that was exhausting!

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  1. I know what you mean about the lactose you stop lactose or gluten completely, you have one little bite and your digestive system reacts like crazy! I used to be able to eat it and only have a little trouble, how when I eat it, it is so much worse :(

    Have fun on your trip...sounds like fun. We celebrate Canada Day on Friday! We don't have anything planned...hubby gets the day off of work so maybe we'll go somewhere....


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