Monday, June 20, 2011

Just another busy Monday...

We had a busy, busy day today...or so it felt like anyways.  Vann's soccer camp started this morning at 9am.  And as we're signing him in, they tell me his class doesn't start till 10:30...good to know.  All the papers I had received up until this point said the class started at 9...but it was actually a blessing in disguise because as I'm looking around at all the other kids in their soccer get-up, I realize I am that know the one that sends their kid to something totally unprepared.  I thought I was prepared...I had some shin guards that were super cheesy and didn't curve around his little leg free from a previous soccer class and he had shoes (just his regular Adidas), but not gym or soccer shoes and we were missing the socks...the long ones that covered the shin guards.  So, I took this time miscommunication and used in the best way I know shop.  Off to Dick's Sporting Goods we go!  

I do not frequent sporting goods stores often.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've entered one.  So, I was a little overwhelmed when we first stepped in the store.  But we found the soccer section right away and found exactly what we were looking for.  Some pretty sweet soccer cleats (even Dad approved of them...yay!), some shin guards and some long socks in both black and white.  Vann was all geared up now!  They didn't have any gym shoes in his size so, I'm gonna have to order those, but I was very happy with what we found.  

By the time we finished shopping, it was time to head back to the park district.  Class was in the gym because it was raining out so, unfortunately he couldn't wear his cleats...hopefully tomorrow!  His soccer coach is from Scotland...his name is Coach Lee.  The kids all thought his accent was funny.  Vann had a lot of fun!

Since we didn't have time to do preschool in the morning, we did it after naps.  We started our fruit theme.  The kids decorated headbands and wore them around the house while they was cute.

We had tortellini, peas and bacon covered with a yummy alfredo sauce (you totally have to try it!) and croissants for dinner.  I made Chayce his own alfredo sauce with lactose free ingredients.  His wasn't as good as the regular, but he didn't know the difference.  Both boys gobbled it up!

After dinner we had swimming lessons.  Chris was able to come with tonight which I was very excited about because it gave me a chance to chit chat with the lady next to me and just watch the kiddos have a ball in the pool.  

Chayce and Dad playing in the pool
Cute little you see that big red circle on his belly...mosquito bite!
Vann sitting on the side of the pool listening to his teacher
Vann swimming over to us
He was going under water over and over again...a new thing for him...we were so proud of him!

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  1. How do you do it all?! And yes, that is a big mosquito bite!


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