Thursday, June 23, 2011

My favorite time of day...

One of my most favorite times of day is reading books with the boys before bed.  Seriously, I just love it!  We get all snuggled up under the covers in my bed, Vann always lays on my right and Chayce on my left.  And we read whatever books the boys pick out.  They always go in fazes, wanting to read the same book every night for a couple of days.  Right now Chayce's favorite book is called Mickey and the Magic's a Disney book from my childhood.  You know that Disney book club you can sign up for...well my mom did that for my sister and I when we were little and when we had kids of our own, she gave each of us some of the books.  My kids love reading those Disney books!  It's so cool to me to think that I'm reading the exact books to my boys that my mom read to me...makes my heart all happy inside!  And Vann's favorite book right now is any of the Pigeon books by Mo Willems...have you heard of these?!  They are super cute and funny...a must have for any child's library.  We read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog tonight.  The boys laugh hysterically every time we read it...I love it!  

Our craft today was making an orange slice out of a paper plate.  Anything that involves paint is a big hit with the kids.  They painted their orange slice, added white straws to make the orange sections and then sprinkled some glitter on just because :)  

The boys painting their orange slices
Vann making sure to get the edges
Chayce loves to paint!
The top one is Chayce's...the bottom one is Vann's

We have one more day of soccer tomorrow and then we're done...I'm so happy my busy week is almost over!  It's been a lot of fun don't get me wrong...but always having somewhere to be gets tiresome.  And it doesn't help that the weather is different every time we leave the house...I'm over it!  Can it just be summer already?!  

It was so chilly tonight at t-ball.  I was lucky to have my little Chaycers sitting on my lap to help keep me warm!  

Vann sitting in the 'dugout' waiting for his turn to bat
Coach Drew helping Vann get into position to bat
Winding up
Running to first base

On first
On third
Going home!
Giving his little buddies a high five back in the 'dugout' cute is that?!

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