Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Day

We had a lazy day today.  In fact, the boys are still in the pj's!  We do a jammie day about once a month...the boys like it.  Here they are dancing to some you can see, Vann lost his shirt at some point during the day.

They were running around in a circle squealing and laughing!
It was super cute!

I made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner tonight.  I haven't made chicken salad in forever.  They turned out really good with the help of my secret ingredient...fresh basil from the garden!  The whole fam was eating them up at dinner.  I meant to take a time for sure.  
We picked another cherry tomato from the garden tonight...just one.  There are a ton that should ripen up any day now...I can't wait. The boys and I love, love, love tomatoes (or anything really) from the garden.  Chris made some burgers for dinner last night and he spiced his up with some red chili peppers from the garden.  He was sweating the whole time he was eating it...we grew some spicy peppers!  

Well, I'm off to bathe the boys and get them in some clean jammies.  Talk to ya tomorrow!

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