Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Journal

Our theme for preschool this week is 'vacation bound'.  It fits in perfectly with our life right now because we just got back from our Kansas vacation and have another vacation planned in August.  The kids' craft today was to make a vacation journal.  They each made a little book (with my help) and then colored and used stickers, to tell a story about where they wanted to go on vacation.  It turned out cute!  

Vann's coloring his vacation journal...this is his beach page...that's a palm tree in the corner.
I love watching him concentrate.
Little Chaycers and his journal...his mostly consisted of stickers.

Vann had t-ball tonight and when he got up to bat he had a great hit the first pitch!  Dad and I were so proud!  It was hot today, but it started cooling off and even sprinkling a bit during t-ball...I haven't checked the weather, but I wonder if it's gonna storm again?  

Here's a few pics of the boys while we were playing outside today.  It was hot so, popsicles were a must!

You are so funny mom!  
Riding his trike.
Dude, I love the show Wipeout...it's hilarious!!  The boys and I are watching it right now before we head up to take a bath.  Seriously, it cracks me up!  

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