Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Fun Saturday

We had a fun filled day today.  We had a birthday party for Maddie, she turned 3,  from 4-5:30 at the gymnastics center...always a fun place to have a party.  Both of the boys had a blast jumping and climbing on everything!  

Little Chaycers in the foam pit
He jumped in over and over and over again!
Dad pulling him out
Climbing out
Chayce wanted to jump in with Dad
Vann climbing on the little obstacle course
Over the ladder
Under the circle thing
On the balance beam...Maddie, the birthday girl, is in front of Vann in the cute black leotard...she's such a doll!
Chayce loved jumping on the trampoline!
Vann in the foam pit
Jayden, Maddie and Vann jumping off the yellow may into the pit
Vann jumping on one foot on the trampoline

After the party we went to our friends house...they were having a block party.  Vann's buddy, Will, lives across the street from our friends so, he was excited to play with him all night.  Little Chayce was so worn out, he was asking to go home by like 7:00.  We didn't leave till about 8:30...which is past the boys bedtime...needless to say, they should both sleep like babies tonight!  

Look at the sweet face!
Silly boy!
The firemen stopped by...Vann got to sit in the firetruck and check it out.
Chayce, Will and Vann
Chayce was playing bags by himself...good shot Chayce!
Linda, my friends daughter, Vann, Will and Ally, Will's sister, running through the sprinkler

I'm hoping to get a little relaxing done tomorrow.  We have nothing planned...which is nice.  The only errand I have is to get the dog some more food and the fish needs a new filter.  I may also bake something...we'll see. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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