Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baseball game

We took the boys to their first baseball game last night to see the Kane County Cougars play.  We decided to sit in the lawn section so, in case the boys got antsy we wouldn't bother anyone.  It was great because we laid our blanket out and the boys could sit/lay/snuggle with us...whatever.  

The game didn't start till 7pm so, we knew the boys would get tired before it was over, but they both behaved really well.  They were squirmy, but they stayed on our blanket the whole time...except for bathroom and food breaks.  I was very proud of them!

Since the game was pretty much over, Cougars were down 3 to 7, we decided to leave in the 8th inning.  I know the boys would've made it till the end, but we were ok with leaving and by the time we got home, bathed and in bed, it was almost 10pm...a very late bedtime for the boys.  Overall, it was a really great night!  Here's some pics of the fun...

Little Chaycers
Vann eating his treat...Dippin Dots...yum!
Chayce and Dad
Chayce being silly

Vann and I
My sweet Vann is getting tired
Dad found a ball in his pocket...Vann was excited about that!
Dad and Chayce
The boys watching the game

It was a fun family night!  Something we'll definitely do again!

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