Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Headbands

Our craft for yesterday was to create a creature headband.  On top of talking about grass, we are learning what lives in the grass...bugs, worms, etc.  Here's a pic of the kiddos rockin' their headbands...

Vann, Lia, Mia and Chayce

The girls loved them!  Wore them all day long.  Mia even came back today with hers on...too cute!

Vann had soccer practice last night.  He's really liking it!  His first game is on Saturday...I'm excited to see how it goes.  

Vann's in all navy.  They're playing a game to practice dribbling.

Vann and I are learning about Louis Pasteur in science this week.  We've been reading this book, Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes.  It's about how he first discovered microbes years ago.  And how he was the guy who encouraged other scientists and doctors to really explore and learn more about microbes which eventually led to the pasteurization of milk and vaccines that help prevent disease.  Anyhow, I was a little nervous about this topic...mostly because it was all new to me too!  But the book is written so younger children can understand it.  And I'm not sure Vann retained everything we talked about, but he was definitely interested in it.  In fact, one day he didn't want to stop reading!  Well, we finished up our lessons about Pasteur yesterday and I asked Vann if he was excited to start learning about something new.  He says, 'Mom, isn't there another book about Pasteur we can read?  Like a book 2 or book 3?'  I love that he loves learning!  So, we're gonna hit the library this weekend to search for more books about Pasteur.  And I think I may get him a microscope.  We talked a lot about how Pasteur used one for many of his experiments and I know he would love to learn how to use one. I come!  

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful day!

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