Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip to Iowa (Part 2)

I realized the other day that I never finished telling you about our Iowa trip...oops!  

It was my 15 year class reunion so, we had a little BBQ for lunch on Saturday.  It was great to see all of my classmates and their kiddos!  And man did we make a lot of babies!  

After the BBQ, we headed to the parade.  The boys love watching the parade...mostly because they get candy thrown at them!

Ryker, Alexis, Vann and Chayce all sitting on the blanket
Chaycers watching the parade...notice his nose and mouth are all scraped up from the big fall he had the night before.
Vann and Alexis

After the parade, we hit the fair again.

Grandma and Vann riding the spinning dragon!
Snuggles from Grandma!

We were planning on leaving that next morning after breakfast, but before we hit the road, I thought it'd be fun if Vann got to catch a fish.  So, Mike took him fishing in the creek by their house.  And he caught a fish!!  He was so excited!  A great way to end our trip.

Vann and his fish!

When we got home we headed to Casey and Kirk's to pick up Molly.  Then we drove to the airport to pick up Chris.  We were all very excited to see each other and happy to get home and relax a bit.  Overall, we had a really great trip!

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