Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our trip to Iowa

The boys and I had a great time in Iowa!  It's hard living so far away from my family, I miss them all so much.  One of my favorite things is walking back into my Grandma's house after not seeing her for a year and it feels so comfortable...like home...makes me feel all cozy inside.  I miss my Grandma, and my mom, and my Aunt Jean, and my sister, gosh I'm getting all teary eyed just writing this.

I love that my kids remember them.  And love spending time with them.  And talk about them for days/weeks/months after seeing them.  I wish we were closer so, they could see them more.  

We met my mom, sister and her fam at the Pizza Ranch. Here's Alexis and Vann giggling!

Since my sister had just flown in, they all headed home after dinner so, baby Ryker could get some sleep.  Meanwhile, the boys and I hit the big ole Marcus Fair!

Vann and Chayce on the elephant ride 
Vann going down the funhouse slide
Chayce's turn!

We were tired from traveling all day so, after the fair we headed to my cousin, Mike, and his wife/my friend, Darcie's house to catch some zzz's.  

Vann, Faith (Darcie's middle daughter) and Chayce playing their ds's after breakfast

That morning we hung out at my Grandma's house.  Ate some lunch and played at the park.  

Vann being silly at the playground

Chayce fell asleep in the car on the way home from Subway.  I just let him sleep and he took a good 2 hour nap!

When Chayce woke up, we headed up to the fair again.  The kids wanted to see some animals...pigs, cows, sheep, etc.

Grandma showing the kids some sheep
The kids playing ball
Vann, Alexis and Chayce riding the elephants

So, one of the events at the fair that day was for the medic helicopter to come and land on the baseball field.  It was neat to watch!  

All the kids were climbing on top of the dug outs getting ready to watch the helicopter land

But it took a little longer than expected so, they started playing again.

Seriously, how cute is this picture?!?!?!
It was so cute...Chayce grabbed Grandma's hand and walked her all the way to the swings!  
Here it is landing!
Vann and Belle (Darcie's youngest daughter) watching the helicopter land.  
Grandma and Chayce watching it land
Vann got to climb in and check things out...you can see him through the window.

Back to the rides we go! 

The kids on the cars
The boys enjoying a snow cone.

Before we headed home, we had to play some Bingo.  Vann was totally into it!  We played 4 rounds.  If Chayce hadn't been so squirmy, we could've sat there all night trying to win.

So, off to the car we go.  And this is when my cute little Chaycers took a big tumble.  He was running down the sidewalk...tripped and skidded on his face!  My poor baby!  He was crying, there was blood, it was awful!  But after some momma snuggles he was ok :)

So, there you have it...the first part of our trip.  Stay tuned for part two in the next couple of days!  

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  1. So glad we got to do lunch and even more glad you had a wonderful trip! :)



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