Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

We started our day off with a craft.  Today it was a door hanger with their name on it.  Here's a few pics of the boys in action...

Vann's writing his name
Chayce had to stop and play a round of Bop It!

Then we all piled in the car and went to the library.  I needed to get some books for Vann's history curriculum.  We're starting off learning about the United States.  I'm a bit overwhelmed because there's just so much to learn, but we've gotta start somewhere!  I do have a book I'm following, it's called Galloping the Globe, but it's just a guide.  If offers a lot of ideas of what to cover with each country, but deciding exactly where to start is difficult for know me and my indecisiveness.  I think we're just gonna dive right in next week...I'll let ya know how it goes!

When we got home from the library, Vann got invited to a playdate at Canyon's (one of his buddies from preschool) house.  He was soooo excited!  So, after lunch we jumped back in the car and took him over to his house.  Chayce was devastated that he couldn't stay and play with the big boys...but he needed a nap.  He cried the whole way home!  

After a nice little nap, Chayce woke up and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'Where's Vanny?'  I love that he calls him Vanny.  He headed straight to the car and wanted to go see him.  So cute!  Canyon's mom brought Vann home around 4:30.  Chayce was more than excited to see him!  And it sounds like Vann and Canyon had a blast!  We're scheduling another playdate for next week.  

Oh, another fun thing about today...Chris was in the paper for his hole in one!  And he got a voucher for a free round of golf...he was stoked.  Of course he had to, I'm sure you can only guess where he went...yep, golfing!

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