Thursday, August 18, 2011

Target Trip

Usually I do my Target run every Friday after all my daycare kiddos get picked up.  But since we're going to a baseball game tomorrow night and I really dislike going there on Saturdays (too, too busy!), today was the day.  So, after Vann's soccer practice off I went.  

Have I ever told you how much I heart Target?!  Well, I do, I love it.  I had a nice treat tonight because I was kid free!  That rarely happens.  So, I was able to shop in was great!  

After filling my cart with all my much needed items, I head to check out.  I start unloading all of my things onto the belt when I think to myself, wow this chick (the check out girl) really talks a lot.  I mean a lot!  She was asking the guy in front of me all kinds of questions.  I thought, maybe she thinks he's cute and is trying to keep him there longer, I don't know.  Anyhow, he finally leaves and it's my turn.  

Whoa nellie!  I swear to goodness she either asked me a question or had a comment for half of the items I joke!  And she honestly seemed like she was being sincere so, I wan't upset, I was more, you like to talk!  

Here's a couple of our conversations...
  • Rolled oats - She really examined the box...thought for a minute...and said, 'We feed this to our show pigs."  No joke.  That's what she said.  I said, 'Oh, I use it to make granola.'  She responds, 'How do you make granola?'  This conversation continued till I basically gave her my recipe.  
  • Soy milk - Her, 'I heard that's not real milk.'  Me, 'Well, it doesn't come from a cow it that's what you mean.'  Her, 'Is it good?'  Me, 'My toddler likes it.'  Her, 'Does it taste like milk?'  Me, 'Yes and no.'  Her, 'Do you drink it?'  Again, this went on and on and on like this.
  • When the topic of kids came up she informed me that she wants 8 kids.  Me, 'How old are you?'  Her, '20'  Me, 'Why do you want 8 kids?'  Her, 'Because I'm an only child.'  And she goes on for a bit about her family tree.  Her, 'I want twins.'  Me, 'Yeah, I always wanted twins growing up too.'  Her, 'Can't you take a pill or something to make yourself have twins?'  What?!  Me, 'Umm, no, I don't think so.'  After talking with her a bit more about it, I found out she was referring to getting fertility help, but still...
How funny is some of that?!  Oh, people make me laugh!

So, that was my trip to Target.  

Here are a few pics of the kids from this afternoon.  

Mia and Chayce doing an alphabet puzzle

Vann making his favorite letter on a plate
Cute boy!!
Here's some pics from soccer practice tonight...

They were playing a version of freeze tag.  Vann's in the white shirt and blue shorts.  (Sorry for the blurry picture)
Vann's frozen til someone comes & kicks their ball through his legs 
My sweet boy during one of his water breaks.
Ok that's it for today!  I'm excited to watch Rookie Blue in a minute.  Hope you had a great day!


  1. Wow...a chatty kathy indeed! I love Target too, but we don't have them in Canada...yet! They are coming soon though :)

  2. Oh gosh - what a funny & a bit exhausting check out at Target! I'll have to keep an eye out for her... I love the pics of Vann playing soccer...can't wait till Logan does that stuff! Will Chayce be doing any sports this year once he turns the big 3?


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