Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Failed Experiment

So, you know how Vann and I have been studying Pasteur, yeast and bacteria...all that fun stuff??  Well, we've been doing all sorts of little experiments this past week or so.  The one we did today was to make homemade buns...the point of the experiment was to see how the yeast made the dough rise.  Anyhow, our experiment totally failed!  

We followed the directions to a T.  But the yeast did not rise the first time, the second time or while it baked.  I'm thinking we just had some old yeast or something.  But it came with the experiment so, how was I to know.  So, instead of nice fluffy buns...we've got some flat squashed buns.  No worries though...we're gonna try it again tomorrow!  I've got some fresh yeast in the pantry that I know is not bad.  

Vann's making some buns
He's pushing his raisins into the buns

I know those buns look kinds funny with the raisins and all...but that is what our experiment said to do so, we went with it.  And I just let him form them and stick the raisins in however he wanted to.  He did make sure to bury a few of the raisins in the buns too!

I know I haven't talked about it much...or not at all...but most of you know that Chris lost his job back in June.  Well, I'm happy to report that his first day at his new job is tomorrow!!!  He's so excited to get back to work!  The boys are going to miss his terribly though.  They've gotten a little spoiled having him around all the time.  So, anyways just wanted to share that fun news!

Oh, oh!  Speaking of news...gosh I can't believe I haven't told you this yet...

My sweet little Vann was in our town newspaper last week!!  How exciting is that?!  They have a little section for youth sports and he made the paper for an outstanding defensive play during his soccer game...so cool!  He was so excited when we showed it to him.  I can't wait to find a fun way to display it for him!

I also need to give my mom a shout out for her birthday!  Happy Birthday Mama!!  We all love you and miss you bunches!!!  

Well, that's all I've got for now.  I'll talk to ya tomorrow!


  1. Awesome that Vann was the in the paper!!!! So cool!

  2. That is so neat that Vann was in the newspaper! I'm sure he was delighted :)


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