Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I feel like I have so much to tell you today.  So, here goes...

Little Chaycers had his 3 year check up on Monday.  He did great!  See normally he starts crying the second we walk into the examine room...every time since he was 2 months old, never fails.  But it's been a year since we've been there so, I was optimistic.  I always prep my kids when they're going to get shots.  So, when I told him he had a check up, his first question was about shots and if they would hurt.  I told him yes to both questions.  Why tell him it's going to hurt you ask...well why lie about it?  I said, yes it's going to hurt, but just a little bit and only for a second.  He said ok.  

So, we get there right on time.  Waited 45 minutes in the waiting room...that part makes me crazy!  When we finally got in the examine room, he happily did everything the nurse asked him to.  He's still my little peanut...weighing in at a whopping 28 lbs and is 37 inches tall.  I weighed Vann while we were there...he's my little skinny mini too...38 lbs and I forgot to see how tall he is.  Then it was shots time.  Not really shots...they did the finger/toe poke and the tb test.  Dr. K asked him whether he wanted his finger or toe poked, he picked his toe.  It didn't blood.  So, she picked his ring finger.  He got a bit anxious for a second, but then it was over and he was laughing about his bandaid.  Tb shot...not a peep outta him.  I was pleasantly surprised!  When we got in the car, he said, 'Mom, that finger one hurted!'  So cute.  By bath time he'd forgotten all about it.  

Our project today was to paint a dinosaur.  Paint = happy kiddos!  Here's some pics...

What else...Vann had pictures for soccer tonight.  Talk about a humongous mess of controlled chaos!  It went well, they had it all organized, but man were there a lot of kids...I mean a lot!

So, after pictures I took the boys to Subway for dinner.  We don't eat out a maybe once a month.  And usually we take it home to eat it, but today I thought hey, let's do something different and eat it there.  They were excited!  They got the oven roasted chicken and I got the buffalo chicken.  And they were so well behaved...made me proud!

When we got home, we decided to do our ice project.  Since we're talking about Canada this week, one of the things on our list to learn about is Hotel de Glace.  It's this awesome hotel made of ice and snow near Quebec City, Quebec.  You should google it...looks amazing!  Cold, but amazing.  You can actually sleep crazy.  I couldn't find any books in the library about it so, off to the internet we go.  We read about it online, looked at a bunch of pictures and watched a couple of videos about it.  I asked Vann if he would like to go there sometime.  He said, 'I don't want to sleep there, but that slide looks fun!'  They have an ice slide in the hotel.  After learning a little about Hotel de Glace, it was project time.  

Earlier today, Vann and I froze some colored ice cubes and ice blocks (water with food coloring in a bowl).  The idea was for them to see how they could get the ice to stick together and to chisel it into another shape or whatever.  They loved it...seriously loved it!  If you're ever looking for a fun project to keep your kids happily entertained...give this a shot.  

To get the ice cubes to stick together they were supposed to dip their paint brush in water, brush part of the ice, then hold another piece of ice to that spot until it sticks.  
Chayce holding his to make it stick
Vann's making a big one...
Yay, it stuck!
They also had small butter knives to chisel at the ice
Making another tower
Trying to cut it...he always held the knife upside down...silly boy!

I love this one!  
Maybe if I stack them up and then try to cut them it'll work...
Or not...I guess I'll just swish the ice block around like a hockey puck...that's fun!
Vann was proud that he made a 'smiley face...actually, it's a sad face because the ice won't curve,' he said.
Cleaning up his sad face with the paint brush.

I gotta tell ya, not once did they complain about their fingers being cold.  And they did this for a good half hour.  It was a fun project!

Sorry for the super long post...if you've read this far...thanks!  I'm off to bed...hope you had a great day!

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  1. What a great project! It looks like so much fun. Thanks for the idea!


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