Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats!

My friend, Carrie, is having a joint birthday party for hew two kids, Will and Ally, tomorrow.  She did a Halloween fun!  I made her a cake and two dozen cupcakes.  I did spider web cupcakes.  I thought they turned out cute!  I just realized after looking at the pictures that I didn't take any of the whole cupcake so, you could get the full effect of the black and orange cupcake holders.  If I remember, I'll try to take one tomorrow at the party.  

Spider Web Cupcake
Black Halloween cupcake holder with a black spider.
Spider Web Cupcake
Orange Halloween cupcake holder with an orange spider.

Then for her cake, I did a candy corn cake.  When she cuts it, it'll look like a big piece of candy corn...imagine a pie slice.  

Candy Corn Cake!
(You'll have to excuse the chocolate was difficult to get it to spread smoothly.)

I dropped the goods off at Carrie's house tonight and Ally just happened to be at the door when I walked in.  Her reaction was priceless!  That's my most favorite thing about making cakes...the smiles and wide eyes of the's the best!  

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