Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Shape Fun

This past week we pulled out some more shape games during math time.  The kids really like doing these and I love it because they're learning without even knowing it!  

Chayce is making a person out of his shapes.  Here's the link for the's by Melissa & Doug Magnetic Pattern Block their products!
Looking for his next piece
Putting the last shape on...
Happy dance!!
This is a fun game...makes you think.  It's called Meta Forms.  It's a puzzle type game.  You have to figure out where each shape goes by following the clues.  
Vann likes this one!
He's checking his work...they have the answers in the back of the book.  He got this one right!
Vann wanted to do a shape picture too.
All done!  

So, sometime during the boys birthday party, someone left me these pretty measuring spoons in my baking drawer.  I didn't notice till the next day and I gotta tell ya...I love them!  I love the colors...makes baking so much more fun!  And I still do not know who left me this fun surprise.  Whoever you are...thank you so much!!  

Seriously, how fun are these?!?!

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