Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The boys couldn't wait to get into their costumes today.  It was the talk of the day.  That and I heard little Chayce say 'Happy Halloween' in his cute little voice about 100 times...loved it every time!

General Gievous and Darth Vader
Love it!
Isn't he just the cutest Darth Vader you've ever seen?!
Vann loved his costume!
We trick or treated with little Mia, one of my daycare kiddos.
Ok, so this was hilarious...we walk up to this house and I say to Mia's mom, 'Last year Chayce tried to ride that was funny!'  Sure enough...the first thing Chayce did this year...he jumped right on that goose...silly boy!
Running to the next house

Running down the hill
The whole fam was out at this house!
Checking his candy bag.  I know, mom of the year...I forgot where I put their pumpkins that they normally trick or treat with so, a brown paper bag it worked and they could've cared less...I betcha I'll find those darn pumpkins later this week. 
Walking to the next house...they started slowing down after about 45 minutes.
My sweet Vann!
The loot!
They each got to eat one piece before dinner.  Then I saved about 1/4 of it...mostly the chocolate cuz that's what I love...and poured the rest into the candy we were handing out (thanks for that great idea Paige!).  I set the bowl outside so, I didn't have to answer the door a million times and by 7:00 it was gone! 

It was a fun day!  Hope you all had a fun time trick or treating...Happy Halloween!!


  1. Awesome costumes! Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. Adorable! Can I just say that I love that Chayce has ridden the goose 2 years in a row! That is hilarious!!!

  3. Those are some great costumes! Looks like they had a lot of fun...and had a good haul. We have so much leftover candy...I'm sure my hubby will take care of it though ;)


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