Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bowser Cake

So, my sweet little Vann turns 6 tomorrow.  I almost can't even say the number.  Six. 6. He's gonna be 6 years's so crazy to me!  Brings tears to my eyes if I think about it too hard.  I remember being pregnant with him...where did the time go?  

He requested a Bowser Cake for his birthday.  Bowser...really??  Can you think of anything a little easier?  Nope.  Bowser is what his little heart desires.  So, Bowser it is.  I racked my brain trying to figure out how I'm gonna pull this one off.  I remembered that one of the wall stickers we had at the birthday party was Bowser.  So, I thought, I'll just copy that.  And I'm happy to say, it turned out pretty well!  He's not perfect...he could use some outlining and shading, but for my first time making a Bowser cake, I was pleased.  

Are you ready to see it?!  Here it is...

Vann's Bowser cake!
This is the picture I followed

Vann got a card in the mail yesterday from my Grandma.  Here's a few pics of him opening it...

I got mail!  Yay!
Tearing it open...
Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa!!

When Vann went to bed tonight, he told me that tomorrow is gonna be the best day ever!  How cute is he?!  Which means, I better get busy wrapping his last couple of presents.  He's gonna love them...all he wanted was Legos.  He obsessed with them!  He plays with them everyday, building and creating new things.  I love that they get his imagination good for him.  

Hope you all have been having a great week!  


  1. Um....FANTASTIC job on the cake!! It looks incredible!

    Happy Birthday, Vann!!!!!


  2. The cake looks great Jen! Hope Vann has a great birthday!!

  3. Wow, that cake is great! You are so talented girl! Happy Birthday to Vann! My oldest turns 6 in a couple are right, where does time go?!!


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