Friday, October 21, 2011

Playdate Fun!

My friend, Paige, and her two boys came over this morning for a playdate.  We were excited to do some Halloween crafts with them.  First up was a spider kit she got from Michaels...

Vann putting his beads on.  
The boys' spiders...Vann's is relaxing in the front and Chayce's is in the back.  Chayce actually wasn't really into this craft...he did put a lot of beads on one pipe cleaner, then he took them all off and was done!  About 30 minutes later he was asking for his spider...when I told him he didn't have one, he got sad so, I made him one.  

Then we painted pumpkins.  

Vann and Chayce painting their pumpkins

Lia and Mia painting

Carter and Logan painting theirs

All of their pumpkins!  Back left, Chayce's...back right, Lia's...middle left, Vann's...middle right, Mia's...front left, Logan's...front right, Carter's. 
Paige took a picture of me reading a book to all the kids.

It was a fun day!  How was your day?  Any big plans for this weekend?  We've got a soccer game, a birthday party, pumpkin carving and I'd love to organize the boys' closets a bit to make room for their new toys.  

Have a good night!

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  1. Thanks again for having us over...we had fun! :)


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