Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rain Forest

Vann and I finished up learning about Brazil this past week.  One of our crafts was to make a rain forest diorama.  It was a lot of fun!  We didn't put the final touches on till today because we were all out of blue playdough for the Amazon river.  So, we picked up some new playdough during our Target trip last night.  It could also use a few more animals and things, but it's what we had so, we went with it.  We talked about what 'should' be in each layer so, he knows what we're missing.  Anyhow, the idea was to show what things live and grow in the different layers (forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent) of the rain forest. 

Vann and his rain forest.  It's hard to see in the picture what's all in there, but there's a few spiders, snakes, frogs, lizards, etc...many are hidden in the leaves.

We had a nice day today.  We were supposed to go to Vann's soccer game this morning at 9am, but when I woke up and looked at the weather, Chris and I decided it'd be best to stay in our warm bed for a bit longer.  The temp at 7am was 32 degrees and by 9am is was only supposed to be 40 degrees!  Too cold for soccer...especially when they don't even keep score.  If he was older, I would've gotten my butt out there in the cold, but he's 5 so, we chose to skip this game.  

As I was getting ready for the day I realized this was the game we were playing the team his good friend Will is on.  I almost hustled everyone out the door cuz there was still time to make the game, but didn't.  I feel bad he didn't get to play his friend...but what're you gonna do...

So, we spent the morning playing.  It's so nice to not have anything to do sometimes.  Then we went to a birthday party at noon.  The boys had fun!  After pizza, games, cake and presents we headed home.  Chayce took a nap and I watched Vann play Indiana Jones on Wii.  More relaxing.  I did do a butt load of laundry so, I wasn't completely useless today.  And I bought a pair of shoes online...they're so cute!  I can't wait for them to get here.  Happy early Birthday to me!  My birthday's in two weeks and I've been needing a new pair of shoes for like a year now.  I was stoked to find a cute pair of Puma's I like for $45 and free shipping...can't beat that!  
Now I'm gonna watch a movie.  I know, more relaxing.  I'll be more productive tomorrow...I promise!  

Hope you had a great Saturday!

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  1. good job on the rainforest sister! awesome!!!!! also great price for the pumas!!! :) Kathryn


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