Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts...

Vann and I just finished up learning about Panama for the day so, now I've got a few free minutes.  What to do...what to, that's what I'll do!  

How was your weekend?  Our was pretty laid back.  We went to a birthday party on Saturday...Paige's son, Logan, turned was a fun Mickey Mouse party.  She went all out with the was super cute!  

Chris didn't go to the party.  Guess what he did??  Installed a new toilet.  Fun stuff I tell ya!  Have you been toilet shopping lately?  Well, this was my first time and it was tough!  They have all the toilets displayed way up high so, you can't really see/feel/touch them.  Which doesn't really seem like that big of a deal, I mean how many different kinds of toilets can there be?  Well, there's enough different kinds that I needed to get my hands on them.  I wanted to flip the lids up and down, sit on them, feel the flusher, ya know that sort of thing.  I mean they're not cheap!  How am I, Miss Indecisive, supposed to pick out a toilet that I can't even touch?!  Well, after staring at toilets for about a half hour, I finally just picked one.  So, Chris put the new toilet in while we were at the party.  And still today I'm wondering if I made the right choice.  He said he's not taking it back out so, I just have to live with it!  

So, that's what we did Saturday.  I mentioned trying to catch a movie with the boys, but when I looked up what was showing, nothing jumped out at me.  I'm hoping something good will come out this month that we can go see.  

Sunday was a big day for Molly.  We finally took her to get groomed!  So, she spent the morning getting pampered.  She looks so good!  All of her grey hair got cut off so, she looks like a puppy cute!  

My goal this week is to make my Christmas list.  Have you made yours?  Anyone done any Christmas shopping yet?  I've made a few small purchases, but that's it.  

Ok, my free time is up!  Hope you're all having a great Monday!  

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