Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bike Riding

We pulled Vann's bike out of the shed this past weekend and I gotta tell ya, he was less than excited about it.  I was floored that he wasn't jumping up and down to get on it again after learning how to ride it last year without training wheels.  

Well, after much coaxing, I finally got him back on his bike.  And he rode it like a pro!  I guess he was just super nervous.  So, he's spent this week perfecting his skills.  He likes making skid marks, zooming around his brother and he can even ride standing up, which he is super proud of :)  Here's a few pics of him in action...

This is the boys' new way to sit on the couch...such silliness!

I'm off to figure out something for dinner.  The thought of food still makes me nauseous.  I can't wait till that passes and I can get back to cooking and baking like I used too.  Hope your day has been great!

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