Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

I told you last time about how Vann's adult teeth are growing in behind his bottom baby teeth.  Well, the big day finally came last week to have those baby teeth pulled to make room for the adult ones.  I was super nervous, not because I thought something was going to go wrong, but because I was the one responsible for causing pain to my baby.  I mean the dentist was doing the pulling, but I made the appointment, I drove him there, was hard.  

I've always been super honest with my kids about pretty much everything.  Especially when it comes to doctor visits.  If they were going to get a shot, then I told them upfront what to expect.  This was no different.  I talked Vann through the whole process numerous times before the big day.  I didn't want him to be scared, but I wanted him to know that the novacaine shot would hurt...not a lot and not for too long, but it would hurt.  

So, when we got to the dentist's office last Wednesday he was ready.  And he did just super!!  He didn't make a peep the entire time.  He did squeeze my hand when he got the first novacaine shot, but that was it.  And he was so stoked to get a little treasure chest for his baby teeth.  

After I paid and we all climbed back in the car, he all of a sudden got a little sad.  He was sad to not have his teeth in his mouth anymore.  I honestly think he was a little emotional because he'd been so brave in the office.  It's like he let everything out once we were alone.  But after I pulled out a mirror and showed him he already had new teeth to replace the ones he just got pulled, he was happy again!  

On the way home, we hit the grocery store and picked up some soup and ice cream for dinner.  Then he tucked his little teeth under his pillow before bed for the tooth fairy.  In the morning, he was full of smiles when he found a note and two $5 bills that she had left him!  

I was a little nervous about how everything would heal up in his mouth.  But I'm happy to say that things are looking good!  His holes have completely closed up and his adult teeth are already moving forward...just a little...the dentist said this could take some time.  

Here's a bunch of pics of the boys being silly before bed that night...

Check out those itty bitty teeth in the small treasure chest!

My sweet boys!

You can't even see the holes where the baby teeth were because of how he smiles...


Checking out his teeth

Chayce was begging me to take pictures of him...cute boy!

Are you scared?!?!

Love him!!

Love him too!!

So there you have it.  Our adventures with the dentist.  Hopefully we can go back to our regularly scheduled 6 month visits from here on out...this momma's fingers are crossed!

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