Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bunk Bed

I'm so excited...the boys are sleeping in their new bunk bed tonight!!  And they are both loving it!  I decided to get them a full over full bunk bed...something I wasn't even sure existed, but was determined to find.  Since they both already have a full bed, I figured it would save us from having to buy new mattresses and I just like the idea of a bigger bed.  Maybe it's because I never had a twin bed growing up...or at least one I remember.  Anyhow, I was able to find a full over full bunk bed so, that's what we went with.  

Here's some pics of the action...

The boys hard at work

Cute Chaycers

Cute Vannipants

Helping Dad with his tools

All snuggled in his new bed!

Vann's loving the top bunk!

I know, I need to iron the comforter.  I literally just took it out of the bag like 15 minutes before I took this picture.  

So, tomorrow I'm gonna put their new light up and put the fun storage boxes that now stores all of their Legos under their bed.  I'm still waiting for their book case to be delivered.  I ordered it from Target and they said it would take two weeks...seems a bit long to me, but whatever.  I'll take more pics of the room tomorrow to show you.  It was super late when the boys finally got to bed.  And even as I was taking pics of them, they were pushing me out of the room so, they could get to sleep.  

Alrighty, I'm off to bed myself.  Have a good night!

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