Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Paper

So, we had kind of a fun science experiment today.  We recycled paper into new paper!  

We tore up some newspaper and some colored paper and soaked it in water for 15 mintues.

Then Vann took all the paper bits out of the water and put it into the blender.

Then we poured some of the water into the blender with it and this is the mixture we were left with after we blended it...looks pretty gross!

Now Vann is squishing all the water out of the pulp.  

After we used a rolling pin on it, we took it outside to dry in the sun.

The boys thought it was pretty neat!

And here it the finished product...our purple paper!  It's a bit thicker and stiffer than regular paper...and it's small and in the shape of a circle...but it got the point across about how paper gets recycled into new paper.  It was a fun experiment!

We started swimming lessons again tonight.  Vann was excited cuz he went up a level so, now he's in the big stuff!  And Chayce...well he wasn't feeling it tonight.  Here's a picture of my pouter...

The little sh!t has been excited for weeks to go to lessons and when we got there he sat on the side and pouted the entire time!   

Vann had a blast and enjoyed every minute!

Okay, I'm off to bed.  Hope your day was great!

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