Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Tonight was the last night of swimming lessons.  If you remember back when we first started lessons, Chayce was not all about them.  Since then, he's been loving them!  

On the last day, they turn on all the fun water stuff and the kids get to play for like 15 minutes.  Vann was so excited to go down the big slide!

Chayce and his teacher were playing with all the fun water things.

All smiles after going down the big slide!

All wrapped up waiting to watch Vann go down the slide.

I also have a video of Vann going down the slide, but it's taking forever to upload so, I'll work on it more sure to check back :)  I need to hit the hay...sleep sweet!

And here's the video you've all been waiting for :)  I took it vertically with my iphone so, that's why it's so skinny.  

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