Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Friday!

I love Fridays.  Especially those before a long weekend.  And even though we don't have big plans this weekend, I'm looking forward to some quality family time :)

I think I've told you before, but Friday's are when I do my Target shopping.  The boys and I go right after work and then we come home, unload all of our groceries and have a late dinner.  Anyhow, none of that is the point of my story.  What I really want to tell you about is how little my bladder is and how this baby boy thinks it's fun to kick, punch, poke it.  I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants joke!  I went to the bathroom right before we left for Target tonight.  It's a 10 minute drive and when we pulled into the parking lot I had to go again.  So bad that I was nervous about just walking into the store.  The baby was doing somersaults or something in my belly and I was really wishing I had Depends on just in case I didn't make it to the bathroom.  So, after we all pee, we start shopping.  We get half way through and of course, I gotta go again.  Seriously!  Back to the bathroom we go.  We finish shopping and head home.  The first thing I do when we get home is hit the bathroom.  It's just crazy!  

Actually, I do know that he's not kicking my bladder because in the ultrasound we had on Thursday morning, we got to see that he's head down and feet up.  They said he weighs about 4lbs 13oz and he's growing just great!  We tried to get a 3-d picture of his face, but he didn't want to turn and look the right way so, she couldn't get a good picture.  Oh well, we got to see him the regular way and that was good enough for me :)

Before I go I have a few pictures of the boys playing trains for you...

They got out all their Super Mario guys and took them on a train ride!

Cute boy!
Have a good night!

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