Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All About Me

Our first preschool theme is All About Me.  We've been talking about our bodies, our families, our feelings, things that make us the same and different...all kinds of fun things.  The boys are enjoying it!  

By the way...I know I'm calling it a preschool theme, but Vann is still participating even though he's technically a 1st grader.  Did you catch that...I have a 1st grader!!  Crazy!  Anyhow, as we go along in our preschool program, I'm going to adapt some of the things we do so they're age appropriate for Vann.  We'll talk more in depth about certain things...and when Chayce works on his number writing, for instance, Vann will do his math.  Just so you don't think I'm still teaching Vann the same ole preschool stuff over and over every year.  And after we finish the preschool stuff, he has his own school work to complete...geography, science, math, spelling, language arts, etc.  He's a busy little boy :)  By the way...we don't do all of those subjects everyday, I'm not that mean!  We have a schedule we follow...some things we do every day, some every other day, some twice a week, that sort of thing.  

So, I told you how my friend and I made up our own preschool program this year.  And even though it's a lot of work, a lot of planning, preparing, etc...I'm just loving it!  It's nice to have things catered just the I want them.  And if we find something that isn't working...we just change it, simple as that!

Now for some pictures of all the fun we've been having this week.  

Making fingerprints with stamp pads...

Hmmm...I wonder if this is gonna come off??

Chayce was doing the two finger stamping...

We decided to do hand and foot prints and the beginning and end of the school year...thought it'd be fun to compare the two and see how much the kids have grown.
Vann's is the top...Chayce's is the bottom.  

Today we traced their bodies onto butcher paper and they had fun decorating them.  Their options for clothing were limited as I didn't have any fun cloth...I only had felt, but they didn't mind.  Vann's shirt ended up being two different colors because of this and he was totally cool with it.  Worked out perfect because his favorite colors are red, blue and black :)

Chaycers was pretty busy for a while making a design with buttons on his dark green shirt...

It's hard to see, but they did a lot of coloring on them.  Vann added shoes, extensions of his shorts, etc.  Chayce even added a belly button underneath his shirt :)

Oops, Chayce forgot to add was his color of choice :)

After looking at them all day on the wall...I decided to trace the outline in a peach marker so, you could see their bodies final pic.  They were both so proud of them.  Every time Vann walked by his guy he would stop to get a better look at his work :)

Overall, it's been a fun theme so far!

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