Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We've had some gorgeous weather the past couple of days.  I love it!  And I love that it cools down at night...fall is coming  :)  I can't wait to bake and cook some yummy fall meals.  But...we're soaking up the last of summer while it's still here.  And you know what else I love about baby will be here!  We're less than seven weeks away from his due date...gosh I just can't wait :)  Speaking of the baby, we get to see him tomorrow morning in an ultrasound.  I'm obviously super excited about it!   I really hope he decides to be awake during it.  He's such a little mover in my belly, I would love to see all that action on the screen.  We shall see soon enough...

I snapped a few pics while we were hanging outside yesterday.  Here are two of my loves...
Chayce figured out he could get up in the tree all by himself :)

Vann said, 'Hey Mom!'

Our official first day of the new school year is Monday.  I've got a new preschool curriculum all ready for Chayce.  My girlfriend and I decided to make our own so, we've been working on it the past couple of weeks.  And I think it turned out great!  I hope the kiddos enjoy it.  Vann will be a first crazy is that?!  I'm excited for all the stuff we'll be learning about this year.  And I'm so happy he's still enjoying it.  I joined a homeschooling group in hopes to meet other mom's with kiddos my kids' ages.  The only problem is that a lot of the times they do stuff, I can't go because of the daycare.  Sooo...that is something I'm still trying to figure out.  

Okay well I'm outta here.  Hope you had a fun day!

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