Friday, August 24, 2012

Painting like Pollock

The artist we've been studying is Jackson Pollock.  I'm not sure if you've ever seen his work or not, but some of his paintings look like he just splattered the paint everywhere.  This is what he's known for.  So, today the boys did their first Pollock painting.  They picked the painting called 'Bird.'  I thought for sure they would want to do one of his crazy paintings, but they didn't.  I told them for the next one though we're getting our splatter on!  Here are my little artists at work...

My little Vann :)

Chaycers :)

Glancing at the painting to see what his next move should be

He's painting with a light tan here

He was looking to see how his eye should look

Adding some details

Working on the eye

And we have our first little mess!  He said 'Mom the paint just flew on my head when I went like this!'  He was filling his brush up with black paint and apparently when he moved it from the pallet to the paper some went air bound :)

All cleaned up and back to work :)

Lots of details!

Chayce's work of art!

Vann's masterpiece!

I can't wait to see how their splatter paintings turn out.  We'll do those sometime next week so, stay tuned!

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