Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Stamping

This week is all about apples.  I love this theme because there are so many yummy recipes!  And the smell of apples baking is just the best!  Our craft today was apple stamping.  They thought this was fun :)

Ta da!


Then they added seeds and stems

We had a nice weekend.  The boys had fun at a friend's birthday party Saturday morning.  It was at Pump It Up...they have two rooms full of jumphouses...can't beat that!  Then I did some shopping that afternoon.  I had some free money to redeem at Children's Place and Carters before it expired.  We had family Bingo night...the real kind, not the one I made for the Umizoomi party, although that one is fun too.  I love that the boys love Bingo!  They both liked being the was fun :)  And then I snuggled up and watched 'Something Borrowed' after the boys went to was a cute movie!  

Vann sliding down the big slide!  Sorry it's not a great phone doesn't do well when there's a lot of movement.

Chaycers sliding

Group shot :)

On Sunday we got a lot of cleaning done and then we just hung out.  Watched the Lions good!  The end was just crazy!!  It's too bad they didn't pull off a time :)  Chris made some yummy soup so, the house smelled good all day.  Overall, it was a nice weekend!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

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