Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Worm Art

Today the boys painted with string.  We called it 'worm art' know since worms like apples and we're talking about apples it only seemed appropriate.  Anyhow, when I was getting things ready for them to paint, they were both a bit baffled about how they were going to paint with string.  And they weren't excited about it at all.  But once they got started...that was it...smiles and giggles all around!  Especially Vann...he was liking it a lot!

Vann got two strings going at the same time :)

Turned out pretty cool I think!

Chaycers is lacing his 'apple'...he said 'Mom, aren't you going to take a picture of me??'  Apparently, he likes it when I take pictures of them doing crafts and stuff :)

I had my weekly baby check up last night.  Everything's still good!  They're going to 'check' me next week to see if anything's happening down there.  And maybe, just maybe, that will make the baby want to come out :)  That's how it happened with Chayce.  And Vann, although his was a bit different.  And if he's not ready to come out that's ok too...even though I'm super excited to meet him :)

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