Friday, September 21, 2012

Vann's little friend...

Vann found this little guy outside and just had to take some pics of him.  He grabbed my phone and starting clicking away...

Cute little caterpillar

Our good friend Laurie was in town this past weekend.  She took the boys mini golfing on Sunday while I prepped for the party.  They had a great time!

My sweet boys!

The boys with Laurie 

We did a couple of more fun leaf activities the other day.  Here's some pics...

Leaf rubbings...always fun to do!

Leaf blowing...we didn't race, just had fun trying to blow them across the table with a straw.

And then we graphed all of the leaves we collected.  The boys divided them up mostly by color.  

I had a baby appointment last night.  Just a quick check up to make sure things are going okay.  And they are :)  So, now we just wait till the little guy decided to make his appearance.  Chris has been out of town the past two nights, in Georgia for work, and we told the baby he needed to wait till Dad got back to come out. So far so good :)  He should be home around 9pm tonight so, anytime after that is fair game.  I'm as ready as I'm gonna be and can't wait to meet him!  

Okay, well I'm off to listen to Vann read a chapter in his book to this!  Have a good Friday!

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