Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chayce's 4th Birthday!!

It happened.  My little monkey got another year older!  My sweet little Chaycers was born 4 years ago.  I still remember when he was a baby.  I don't think a mom ever forgets.  I always call him my little snuggle bug because he loves to snuggle and randomly give me hugs and kisses which I just love.  And I'm so happy at how close he and Vann are even though they are 3 years apart.  One of my most favorite things is watching them play together.  Don't get me wrong...they have their moments...but I am one lucky momma to have such amazing little boys!  

Sweet baby Chayce :)

He woke up this morning to an ottoman full of presents!  He was wanting a few specific toys like the Power Ranger Spin Sword...in fact he has not quit talking about this one since he saw it in the store.  So, of course, he's been carrying it around all day long!  He also wanted a 'boomer'...aka a gun.  So, we got him some nerf guns.  Seriously, those things are fun!!  I've never played with a nerf gun before and I was having just as much fun as the kids!  One other thing he asked for was the Lego Green Lantern guy.  His list was really not that long which was quite surprising.  So, anyhow we've been playing with new toys all day today!

Opening up the spin sword he's been dying to have!

A Trio Castle set...it's pretty cool

Lego Batman for Wii...he loves all the Lego games

The super fun nerf guns!

My sweet boy!

The boys are focused while playing their new Batman game

We had a few friends over for lunch and cupcakes

He was giggling the whole time we sang Happy Birthday to him!

Love that smile!!

Painting the background for his leaf wreath

Stomp rocket time!

I got a couple of cool shots with Vann mid-air!

Getting ready to jump...notice he has the spin sword in his hand :)

They had so much fun shooting off the rockets!

Vann would run from far away and do a big jump!

Setting it up...

A quick smile for mom...

And it's off!

Adding leaves and sticks to his wreath


Sweet boy!

We had a fun filled day!  Happy Birthday to my little Chaycers!!  We love you!!   

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