Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Team Umizoomi Party

For his 4th birthday, Chayce wanted a Team Umizoomi party.  It's a cute little show on Nick Jr. he enjoys watching sometimes.  Well, turns out you can't buy anything Umizoomi at the store...zilch, nada, zip.  This is good in that I didn't have to shell out big money for specific Umizoomi stuff, but it's bad because it meant I had to get more creative with my party decor and games.  But I'm always up for a challenge!  Good news is that Nick Jr. had a lot of great printables so, I did have a little help there.

The banner I made with my Cricut and the poster I made with printouts from Nick Jr.

Right before the party started, Chayce pulled the birthday card on me...he said, 'Mom can I play Wii?  It's my birthday!'...followed by a super sweet smile.  How do you say no to that?!  He picked the Michael Jackson dancing game so, it was actually a great ice breaker for all the kiddos who were arriving.

They all started dancing was super cute!

After a bit of dancing, all the kids decided to head out to the jumphouse.  Chayce, on the other hand, wasn't done getting his groove on so, he ended up dancing all by himself to Michael Jackson for quite a was so super cute!!  He even had this adorable little butt shake!

I had a fun craft planned for all the kiddos...a Geo shape belt.  And they all had a good time making them!  Bad news was that they wanted to wear them right away and the shapes needed a little time to dry so they didn't fall off.  Some decided to risk it and wore them anyways, others waited a bit and wore them for the last half of the party.  

Vann and his buddy Will

Chayce wanted to pose by Milly

So silly!

Chow time! 

The kids getting ready to play Bingo.  I made 4x4 Bingo cards with shapes, colors, numbers and letters on them.  Then I made Bingo balls by drawing on the ball pit balls we have.  It worked out perfect!  BTW...ignore all the mancave stuff in the background...the garage is Chris's territory :)

Chayce was the first to get a Bingo, but he didn't want to call it out because he wanted to fill his whole card up!

Here's a pic of him trying to get his whole card filled up...I'm pretty sure he was cheating :)  We played until everyone got a Bingo and all the prizes were gone.
The birthday cake.  I chose not to attempt to make any of the Umizoomi characters because I'm just not that good with fondant would've been a scary sight I'm sure.  So, I stuck with shapes instead.  I think it turned out cute, but there are some mistakes...again not super great with fondant.  I just need more practice in making it smooth out perfectly.  

Happy Birthday time!!

It was so cute...we all started singing and he immediately blew the candles out!  So, Dad had to relight them so he could blow them out at the end of the song.  

Big breath!


So, Chris's brothers came to the party and his one brother, Alex, got engaged earlier this year.  Anyhow, we hadn't had a chance to meet his fiance, Cara, yet.  Well, when they showed up she told me she did face painting and asked if it would be okay if she set up her stuff so, she could paint on the kids.  I said, 'You betcha!'  Turns out she is super duper talented and did an amazing job!!  I mean this was no normal face painting you guys...the pictures she painted were sooooo good!  And the kids all loved it!  It was a nice surprise and I'm forever grateful to her for making the party even more extra special :)

Vann getting his arm painted with a spiderweb

Chayce's turn...

I love the way he's looking at her...

Happy boy!

A butterfly she painted.  She also painted a super cool unicorn, a Cinderella and a bunch of other neat stuff that I didn't get pictures of.  I guess she used to work for Disney and has taken a lot of art classes.  Alex was showing me some of her work on his computer and man is she good!  I'm thinking of having her draw/paint the boys...would be super cool!

Vann playing some Wii as the party dies down

Chayce finally got in the jumphouse when almost everyone was gone and it was getting dark outside.
 And of course he had a blast!

Butt bounce!

We were so busy at the party that I lost track of time and we never opened presents!  You have to check out little Viv's face in the background...she was sooo excited about his gifts!

Batman Lego guy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sword...this was on his birthday list

Some action figures

A cool hot wheels set

Batman hat

Vann's checking out some of his Super Hero Squad guys

He's in love with the sword!

He actually got two of them which worked out perfect so, the boys could each play with one

My cute boy getting ready for bed

Happy Birthday my sweet Chaycers!!

So there you have it...Chayce's birthday party in a nutshell.  The boys had a great time!  Now I need to start planning my little Vannipants party...he's going to be 7...aahhhh!  Now that is some crazy talk if you ask me.  Okay, well this tired momma is off to bed...sleep sweet!


  1. Looks like a great party. Landed here when looking for a team umizoomi party, planning one for my soon-to-be-4 yr old. Love the cake and the Geo belt craft idea.

    1. Thanks! All the kiddos loved making the Geo belt. I hope you have fun planning your Umi party!

  2. where id you get those posters of umizoomi

    1. I printed them off of It's four separate sheets of paper that you tape together to make the poster. I printed them at our library so, the color would be home printer would not have been as vibrant. Once I taped them together, I glued it to a white poster board and cut it out, then glued that to a colored poster board. Hope this helps!


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