Friday, September 14, 2012

Circles and Sight

Yesterday we did a few things that included circles since that's the shape of the month.  We also talked about the sense of sight.  They boys made some binoculars which we later used to play 'I Spy' with.  

He thought it was hilarious to color 'inside' the tube

Today, I've been busy making the sauce for the lasagna we're having for the party on Sunday.  And right now I'm cooking some bacon for a chopped salad I'm making.  We somehow managed to squeeze school in the middle of all of my cooking and we talked about the sense smell.  Kind of a good day to talk about smell because the house is so aromatic!  

One fun thing we did, that didn't work out the way I thought it would, was add jello to some playdough to give it a scent.  I used a ton of jello and it just wouldn't mask the playdough smell.  Ah well, the kids had fun anyhow!  Next time I'll try making my own playdough and scenting it to see if that works out better.  

I'm making my huge Costco run tonight for the party.  I love that store, but man do things add up fast!  The boys are excited to get their favorite snack...fruit bars.  And Chris fell in love with a 'good for you' granola bar they have there.  It's actually a nut bar...anyhow he really likes it.  When they run out of their favorites, man do I hear about it!  So, that's what we're doing tonight.  I also want to get started on Chayce's cake today at some point.  I'd like to make the fondant and icing and if I can get the cakes baked too that'd be great.  Then tomorrow I can focus on decorating it.  Lots to do, lots to do!

Okay, time to flip my to ya again soon!

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