Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listening Walk

The sense we talked about today was hearing.  We did all sorts of fun stuff including a walk around the block listening carefully to all the sounds we could hear.  They were so into it!  And they were very observant of all the sounds around them.  When we got back from our walk they drew all the things they heard.  By the way...they are shirtless because I told them to put on long sleeves this morning since it started out chilly, but by the time we went for our walk it was hot!  So, they took them off about a minute into the walk :)

Some of the things they heard were the wind, leaves crunching, dogs barking, Chayce's swishy pants swishing, cars, airplanes, and one odd one was a telephone ringing and it sounded as if it was coming from a sewer!  We thought maybe someone accidentally dropped it in there...who knows.  

He's telling me about his picture

He loves to draw!

Look at that!

One of my favorite things is when I teach or talk about something with the boys and they bring it up later in a non school moment.  An example of this was Monday night...Vann was brushing his teeth before bed and he says...'Guess how many senses I'm using while I brush my teeth?'  So, then we talk about it for a minute.  I just love it!

Oh so you're gonna love this...I had a baby appt tonight and it was kinda busy so, we got put in room 2...usually we're in room 1.  Anyhow, I think nothing of it.  But as soon as the nurse leaves and closes the door both boys say, 'What is that picture of on the door?'  I turn around to see what they're talking about...can you guess?!?!  It's filled with medical pictures of the girly parts.  So, what do I do?  I get up and start explaining them.  I'm not one to hide information, I just tell it like it is.  But I don't typically bring stuff like this up...I just answer their questions when they have them.  Even so, it's still awkward.  And I've had these kinds of convos with them on numerous occasions...boys and girls body parts, how is the baby going to come out, stuff like that.  They have never however seen an up close and personal picture of 'down there.'  Well, now they have...thank you room #2!  And the one question I am not looking forward to answering is 'How did the baby get in there?'  It hasn't come up just yet, fingers crossed it stays that way a bit longer...

I have one more belly shot for you...this is me at 35 weeks.  Not much longer till we get to meet our little guy!  

Hope your day was great!

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