Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paper Airplanes

Vann found his book about making paper airplanes the other day and he's been obsessed ever since.  It's kind of a cool little book.  Comes with fun colored paper for each different airplane.  Some are very simple and some are more complicated to fold.  And they all fly slightly different.  Some go straight, some twirl and some flip.  They've provided hours of fun for the boys!

This one's the Flying Fish.

This one's the Tumbling Butterfly.  You can see it just to the left of Molly's's yellow.

Chayce is doing the Propeller and Vann is doing the Helicopter.

On Tuesday, we talked more about touch, going over different textures.  Then the boys made a texture collage.  They had fun gluing all sorts of different things to their papers.  

Chaycers gluing

Putting his string on

Vann getting the glue ready for his string

We also talked about taste on Tuesday.  To explore a few different tastes, we popped some plain popcorn and sprinkled it with different things...salt, sugar, parmesan cheese, and two different flavored jellos.  They loved this!!  Of course their favorites were the sugary ones.  It was fun to watch them taste each one and notice it was different than the previous one.  

Here's a pic of them stuffing popcorn in their faces :)

I was a laundry machine yesterday!  I had so much catching up to do.  But now I have a house full of clean clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, etc.  It feels good to have it all done.  Alrighty, we're off to start school for today.  Talk to ya soon!

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