Monday, September 10, 2012

More All About Me

We did a few more fun crafts to finish up our All About Me week.  Here's some pics...beware, there are a lot!!

Vann decorating his little person...

He put flowers on him so, I asked him if he was Hawaiian...he was like, 'What?!'

Chaycers decorating his little guy...

He is obsessed with glitter glue...wants to use it for everything!

The boys sponge painting...

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters of their names and I taped them onto the piece of paper.  Then they used a sponge to paint over the letters.  Once dry we took the letters was kinda cool!

Chayce just used green paint...that's his favorite color :)

Vann got creative and used multiple colors...

All smiles!

The finished project after we took the letters off.

The boys are making an All About Me board with all of their favorite things.

We looked through lots of magazines trying to find some of their favorite things.  Chayce added Power Rangers, a pretzel (which by the way he's never had a big one like that before :) ), Darth Vadar, an avocado, cookies and of course french fries!   

He got tired of flipping through magazines so, his board didn't get too full.

Vann stayed pretty busy with this one.  He added pizza, a hamburger, the Mario characters, a Nintendo DS,  peaches and a few other things.  

Showing me his poster...

It was a fun week!  I hope they love next week just as much :)

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