Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend Fun

So, sometimes it just works out when all of my daycare families don't need care on the same day.  This happened randomly last Friday which meant I had a three day weekend...gotta love that!  On Friday the boys and I did a lot of running around getting stuff for Chayce's party this Sunday.  While we were at Party City the boys picked out their Halloween costumes.  Any guesses??  Power Rangers!  Vann is the red ranger and Chayce is the blue ranger.  When we got home they immediately put their costumes on...they make some super cute rangers!

Friday afternoon I took the boys to a nature class at a park district in a different town.  It was for 4-8 year olds so, I was excited they could both be in the same class.  They learned all about insects and had a great time!  Chayce even got to dress up in a bug costume which he enjoyed :)  

It's hard to see, but Vann is on the left side in the black shirt and Chayce is the little one in the middle in the grey shirt.

They were looking for bugs!  

Chris had to work Saturday morning so, I took the boys into downtown Bartlett...they were having Heritage Days where they close down a street and a bunch of vendors line up and they have a carnival, stuff like that. Anyhow, we met some friends up there and walked around a bit.  The highlight was visiting with the people from the nature center.  They had some snakes, lizards and bugs for everyone to see and hold.  

A bunch of kiddos holding Max...a 9 year old burmese python.  He was 12.5 feet long and weighed 125 pounds!  And he will grow to be 22 feet long...crazy big!

Check out that smile...Vann was loving it!

Then they set him down so they could feel him move...

He thought it was so cool to feel him moving!  Chayce wasn't interested in holding Max, but he did go over at the end at touch him while he was on the ground.

Here's Vann with a royal python...not near as big.  But makes a great necklace :)  This one is full grown.

He was licking Vann's face...I got a little nervous.  But the guy assured me he wouldn't bite him.  

When we got home Saturday, Chris and a friend took Vann golfing at the little 9 hole by our house.  It was Vann's first time golfing on a real course.  He liked it a lot!  Then Saturday night we went to a friend's birthday party.  We took the boys and they ended up staying up kinda late, but they were well behaved even though they were tired...I was a proud momma!  So, we had a fun filled Saturday :)

Sunday I did more party stuff.  Made wall decorations, got craft stuff ready, made a massive grocery list, ya know all that fun stuff.  We went and ordered the balloons today.  Things are coming together!

Chris has a late meeting tonight, but on his way home he's gonna pick up my new washing machine.  Yep, you heard that right...I finally had to get a new one.  My old one has been on its last leg for like a year.  It always gives me frustrating.  So, Thursday night I headed to Sears and ordered a new one.  Needless to say, I have a lot of laundry to do!  And even though I didn't get a fancy schmancy one, I'm excited to have one that works all the time.  

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  How was your weekend?  

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