Monday, October 1, 2012

Balloon Fun

Our theme for the next two weeks is farm animals.  A fun topic for the kiddos!  Today we talked about pigs and did a little pig craft.  

The kids wanted to dance to some Michael Jackson today...he's one of their favs.  I love to listen to them sing the cute!  Anyhow, during our dance time they decided to play 'volleyball' with a balloon they had gotten as a party favor from one of the many parties we've many to lately.  They were just cracking up hitting this balloon around.  It was great!  

And speaking of Michael Jackson...after we read a few books about farm animals this morning, the boys were wanting to feel the baby move.  So, we sat for about 10 minutes talking and waiting for the little guy to give them a few kicks.  Chayce will sit so patiently with his hand/arm on my belly and just's adorable!  Vann loves to feel it, but isn't quite as patient.  Anyhow, the baby was moving around a bit, but not too much so, I tried laying on my side to see if that would get him going a bit more.  And while I was laying there, Chayce thought it would be a good idea to sing him a song...maybe that would wake him up.  And what better song to sing than 'Beat It'?!  Gosh it was too cute!  So, my little Chaycers sang the only two lines of 'Beat It' he knows over and over again, with his lips pressed up to my was so stinkin' cute!  He also tried singing a bit of 'Bad' to him too.  Unfortunately, the baby still wasn't cooperating so, we headed downstairs to do our craft.  I love that the boys already love their little brother :)  

Chaycers dancing!

Getting ready to hit it to Vann

I love this shot...he jumps to hit the balloon!

Bouncing it back...

This one's great too!  They had a blast!

So tomorrow's the big day.  The day they 'check' to see if anything's happening with the baby.  I feel like something should be happening.  I've been having contractions...not consistent or anything.  And the baby is so low it really looks like he's ready to just fall right out.  So, I'm looking forward to finding out if there's any progress down there.  I'll keep ya posted...

I'm loving that all my favorite tv shows are up and running again...Castle, Revenge, Grey's, Private Practice, and Scandal.  And it's nice that they're spread out over different days.  I can still watch a show and be in bed at a decent time.  What shows are your favs?  

Speaking of shows...I'm off to watch Castle right now...yay!  Hope you had a good Monday!

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