Monday, October 15, 2012

Farm Animal Crafts

We took a week off of school work after baby Ash was born.  So, the boys missed out on doing quite a few fun farm animal crafts.  Oh well.  That's one thing I love about homeschooling...there are no rules and if we need to skip a day because we welcomed a new baby into the fam, we can.  Here are pics from a few crafts we did before Ash was born.  They painted with trucks and tractors.  And they made a sheep with cotton balls.  

Chaycers painting

Vann liked comparing the different patterns the tires had

Vann's started out all nice and neat and by the end was a crazy mess of tire tracks...I love it!

Same with Chayce's...they also discovered they could use the scoop thing on the one truck to create a fun design in the paint

They both made sure to cover every inch of their sheep with cotton balls

Silly Chayce!

They thought it was sooo soft!

This week we started our Halloween theme.  I'm excited for this one...should be a lot of fun!  I'm looking forward to baking with pumpkins and making apple cider.  I love all the warm, cozy smells fall brings!

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