Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Quick Hello!

My little Vannipants is not feeling well today.  He has a little cough and a fever.  So, he's been resting pretty much all day.  My poor guy!

We went to a Christmas party at a friends house this weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  They did a 'Feliz Navidad' party so, there was a Christmas tree pinata and the kids put all their candy in a stocking...such a cute idea.  They catered Mexican food which was really good.  And to top it off while Chris, not my Chris, was reading all the kids 'The Night Before Christmas'...Santa showed up!  They thought this was great!  He even brought a bag full of presents...one for each kiddo.  It was a fun night!

Here's a few pics of the boys making these cute little ornaments the other day.  You know the kind where you put all the itty bitty beads onto the board and then melt them together with an iron...yeah, that kind.  They thought they were pretty neat and even made their own creations with all the leftover beads when they done.  

Vann made a reindeer
Chayce made a gingerbread man

We made fingerprint Christmas lights yesterday...

Vann did a rainbow pattern with his lights

Then I was telling Chayce to smile so, he said, 'Hey Vann, tickle me!'  


Giggling like crazy!

Okay that's all the time I've got.  Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

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