Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cute pics...

Just thought I'd share some cute pics with ya...

Chayce loving on Baby Ash

Giving him kisses

More hugs

The kids doing some Valentine activities during the party

Naked baby snuggled in a cute!

The boys playing a game on my phone

Ash is like, 'What's up mom?!'  

His new thing...he puts his hands together and then puts them up over his head.  And he'll just chill like this for a bit...adorable!

I'm so super tired.  In fact, right after I finish this, I'm headed to bed.  We had a good Saturday.  Chris got the coat rack back up on the wall...hopefully it'll stay put this time.  He also put a shelf up in the laundry room which I'm excited about...more storage is always a plus.  I made a bunch of cupcake toppers for a lady on eBay...fingers crossed she likes them.  Oh, we got our home phone fixed...yes that broke too this week.  It stopped working on Wednesday so, I called At&t and they sent someone out.  He worked on it for a couple of hours and couldn't get it fixed.  He was going to have to run all new strange how it worked one day and then didn't the next.  He thought maybe the furnace guy jostled the wires somehow and caused them to not work...who knows.  Anyhow, he ended up just moving the main phone into our bedroom.  Not my favorite place for it, but it'll do I guess.  We're actually thinking about getting rid of our home phone altogether since we both have unlimited talk and text on our us a little money.  So, that was our day in a nutshell.  

Tomorrow I need to hit the library.  We're starting a new unit called Road Trip USA next week.  We're going to learn all about the 50 states...should be fun!  The boys are still loving reading Charlotte's Web.  Every time we finish reading a chapter, Vann asks to read another...I love it!  So, that's a little of what's going on school wise.

Okay, well I'm outta here...bed time for me.  Sleep sweet!

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