Friday, March 15, 2013

Ash's new friend

Have I told you how Ash reaches for everything lately?  Well he does.  And it's almost impossible to take a drink while you're holding him because he wants in on the action too.  Not that I mind sharing...just don't really want to wear my cup of water ya know.  Oh and he thinks my iPhone is awesome...always tries to eat it.  I've seen those toys at the store that hold your iPhone/iPod and your baby can I don't know, do whatever babies do on them.  And I always thought, how silly...but I kind of get it now.  I would maybe let Ash play with my phone if he didn't slobber all over it...but he does.  And I really don't want to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for a new phone because of some baby slobber.  But if you put it in this's protected from baby slobber.  Genius!  Again not sure what exactly Ash is going to do with my phone even when it's in this toy...but I digress...back to reaching.  He reaches and eats and grabs for just about anything he can get his little hands on.  

Well, yesterday while he was rolling around on the floor, he basically rolled right into Molly.  Jackpot!  He's been staring at her for months now, wondering what the heck she's all about.  And yesterday he finally got his hands on her!  He tugged on her ear for a few minutes...she was very tolerant.  Finally when she'd had enough she stood up and he just stared at her like...WTH?  Why'd you have to go and do that?  So it begins...I foresee a cute little crawler chasing after Molly in no time :)  

Vann pulled out his fossil and volcano books yesterday and snuggled up with Mia and Chayce to read them. Too cute!  

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