Friday, June 7, 2013

8 Months Old

Gosh can he really be 8 months old already?!  My sweet baby Ash.  He's become quite the snuggler lately...even more than before.  I love the way he snuggles his head into my chest and shoulders.  And the way he climbs up the backs of my legs while I'm cooking.  And the way he practically jumps into my arms from his crib after a nap.  And the fake laughing game he likes to play.  And the way to lights up when he sees one of his brothers.  And the way he jabbers to Dad when he gets home from work.  I just love that baby!

My 8 month old cutie pie!

I want your camera!

So his fake laughing game is adorable.  He does this fake laugh then he waits for you to copy him.  This gets repeated over and over again.  What's super cute about it is that he closes his eyes every time he does his fake's so cute!  He actually just created a new version of this game last night.  He was playing on the floor with Dad and grabbed a piece of play food, it was an orange.  He put the play orange in his mouth, did a fake laugh, then tossed the orange and waited for Chris to respond.  Chris laughed every time because it was so super cute which made Ash want to do it over and over and over again!  

He really gets a kick out of this game Vann plays with him too.  He basically plays peek-a-boo with him, but instead of covering his face Vann runs in and out of the room which just cracks Ash up.  We're talking full belly laughs...and I love it!  

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